Goat Midwifery Class

The farm is home to 6 livestock guardian dogs who take their job protecting our animals very seriously!


  • ​don't pet the dogs, these are working animals not pets
  • ​be prepared for their barking - they're just doing their job
  • leave your animals at home - this is for your safety and the safety of your animals, they're trained to protect our herd from predators and we don't want your animals to be mistaken for a predator!


This is a non-smoking facility.


Goat Midwifery Class

  • The Details

    Saturday October 22nd


    Do you want more knowledge, skills, and confidence in the goat birthing process? Join us for "What to Expect When Your Goat's Expecting!"

    $100 for up to two adults from the same farm family.  Interested adolescents 10 and up from same family farm are welcometo come at no additional charge.

    We'll go over all the basics of preparing for birthing, from maternal health, to healthy deliveries. We'll also discuss common and uncommon complications, as well as infant goat care. This is a wealth of information developed after 12 years of experience on our dairy.  You will receive handouts and learn valuable skills for your pregnant doe and her kids.