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Junior Farmer Day Aug 16th

The farm is home to 6 livestock guardian dogs who take their job protecting our animals very seriously!


  • ​don't pet the dogs, these are working animals not pets
  • ​be prepared for their barking - they're just doing their job
  • leave your animals at home - this is for your safety and the safety of your animals, they're trained to protect our herd from predators and we don't want your animals to be mistaken for a predator!


This is a non-smoking facility.


Junior Farmer Day Aug 16th

  • The Details

    Bring your kids down to the farm on Friday, August 11th, start time 10am for a day of fun and hands-on farm experiences!  Activities will include freshening the 2023 kid pens with new straw plenty of playtime included,  training (goat!) kids to browse walk,  feeding and watering goats of all ages, tending our fall pumpkin patch, and enjoying a nice, cold bottle of goat's milk on the front lawn. Come and experience life on a farm and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Rainier Foothills.  


    Admission is $30 per child accompanied by an adult.  Please bring a lunch to enjoy on the farm (we will also have cheese and milk for sale). Contact for additional questions! 


    We look forward to seeing you! 

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