Apple Tarte Tatin and Puff Pastry Workshop

The farm is home to 6 livestock guardian dogs who take their job protecting our animals very seriously!


  • ​don't pet the dogs, these are working animals not pets
  • ​be prepared for their barking - they're just doing their job
  • leave your animals at home - this is for your safety and the safety of your animals, they're trained to protect our herd from predators and we don't want your animals to be mistaken for a predator!


This is a non-smoking facility.


Apple Tarte Tatin and Puff Pastry Workshop

  • Thursday, September 1st. 1 - 4pm

    Apple season will be upon us as we begin the month of September. The days will be cooling, crisp winds inspiring us to dig out our favorite sweaters, and cozy desserts sounding all the more appealing. On September 1st, come celebrate the bounty of apple harvest time in the Pacific Northwest at Mountain Lodge Farm! Join us for a three hour workshop with Camille Gluskoter, farm employee and professional baker, where you will learn to make traditional puff pastry, the perfect accompaniment to caramel-glazed apples in a French Apple Tarte Tatin. As your masterpiece bakes, tour the barn, meet our sweet and playful goats, and taste the goat cheeses crafted at our on-farm creamery. Whether you want to learn a new pastry skill, have a new recipe in your back pocket to bring out for gatherings with loved ones, or simply enjoy a day baking on the farm, it will be a delightful afternoon that you won’t want to miss. 

    Cost: $75  This will include all supplies, Apple Tarte Tatin to take home, handouts and one on one instruction in our cozy farmhouse.