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Out in the Cascade foothills, not far from Mount Rainier, stand the creamery, barns and workshops of Mountain Lodge Farm – a place where good things are made.  It’s a place that moves in step with nature and the timeless rhythms of rural life. It’s a place where animals are well cared for and passionate artisans make award-winning cheeses by hand.

We are a farmstead creamery raising Nigerian Dwarf and La Mancha goats. They browse every day on our still wild land – munching on salal, Douglas fir and blackberry brambles.  We believe the quality and variety of their diet contribute greatly to the flavor of our cheese.  We don’t like to toss around the word “terroir,” but taste of place is what we are all about. We really focus a lot of love on these animals and we think that our healthy happy herd gives us the best milk in the world.

Cheese is our first love, and our farm’s main focus, though it’s only the beginning of our vision for Mountain Lodge Farm.  We have Black Welsh Mountain sheep that graze in the valley and make ​delicious chops! 

We choose this work because we love the farming life and because we want to share it with people everywhere.  We offer classes and open houses, so please see our Events page for updates – we love to meet the people who eat our cheese!

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