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Hands-On Basic Goat Skills Clinic April 27th

The farm is home to 6 livestock guardian dogs who take their job protecting our animals very seriously!


  • ​don't pet the dogs, these are working animals not pets
  • ​be prepared for their barking - they're just doing their job
  • leave your animals at home - this is for your safety and the safety of your animals, they're trained to protect our herd from predators and we don't want your animals to be mistaken for a predator!


This is a non-smoking facility.


Hands-On Basic Goat Skills Clinic April 27th

  • The Details

    April 27th

    Time 1pm-3:30pm

    Interested in getting your own goats? Have goats and want a refresher on basic care? Join us for a hands-on clinic on essential care for the health and well-being of your goats.

    You will practice how to: 

    • ​​ Trim goat hooves
    • Check for signs of anemia  

    • Administer copper bolus 

    • Use a drench gun for oral medicines 

    • Give vaccinations 

    • Check goat temp ​

    • Check the body score of a goat


    Be sure to bring your questions! 


    Register here, $50 for up to 2 persons from the same farm/home.  Suitable for ages 12+.  Bring a water bottle and be sure to wear closed-toe shoes and clothes you don't mind getting dirty.   


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