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Goat Adoption Class

October 22nd


Are you considering raising goats, but not sure what you need to know before making such a big commitment?  Come to one of our upcoming Goat Adoption Classes to learn more!  This is the perfect time to add goats to your homestead, and this class will help prepare you for that possibility.

We’ll talk about basic needs, benefits and costs of goats to see if they are for you.  We’ll discuss shelter, feeding, fencing and predator protection.  Hands on tips on picking your goats, understanding the goat psyche, and learning what is normal in goats and how to observe, assess and take action as necessary.  You’ll gain knowledge on ruminant animals and why understanding this is important to their care.  This class is perfect for first time goat owners, adults and children.  It can also be helpful to goat owners wanting to improve their knowledge level.

We also teach a separate hands-on goat skill class that is a great next step to this class.  We will add you to our goat buyer list, and if you are looking for goat kids, spring is the time they start arriving!

Cost is $40 for up to two adults from the same farm family.  Well-behaved children 9 and up are welcome at no charge.

Goat Adoption Class

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